7. Remuneration and expenses (included in the administration expenses of the NTMA)

State Claims Agency

The administrative costs incurred by the NTMA in the performance of the SCA’s functions amounted to €15.7m (2014: €13.5m). These costs are included in the administration expenses of the NTMA and are charged on the Central Fund. The NTMA does not seek reimbursement of these costs from Delegated State Authorities.

State Claims Policy Committee

Under section 53 of the National Treasury Management Agency (Amendment) Act 2014, as commenced by S.I. No. 586 of 2014, the State Claims Policy Committee was dissolved on 22 December 2014. On this date, the NTMA was reconstituted as a body with a Chairperson and eight other members reporting to the Minister for Finance with over-arching responsibility for all of the NTMA’s functions (including the functions of the SCA).

Prior to its dissolution, remuneration of State Claims Policy Committee members was set by the NTMA with the consent of the Minister for Finance.

Remuneration to former members of the State Claims Policy Committee in respect of 2014 is set out below:

Noel Whelan (Chair of Committee) 13,317
Anthony Delaney 8,877
Christopher Moore 8,877
Niamh Moran 8,877
Fachtna Murphy 8,877
Wendy Thompson -
Mary Jackson -

Wendy Thompson waived her fees as a Committee member for 2014. Mary Jackson, appointed in her capacity as a civil servant, did not receive any remuneration in respect of her Committee membership.

No Committee member related expenses were paid for in 2014.