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Ownership of Irish Government Bonds

€ millionDec. 2012Dec. 2013Dec. 2014Dec. 2015Dec. 2016
1. Resident24,46251,74750,80550,84654,568
Resident as % of total27.8%46.6%43.7%40.6%45.1%
–Credit Institutions and Central Bank*21,78450,05745,87546,94951,143
General Government2,4162,1531,632787472
Non-bank financial2,8702,7732,676
>Insurance Companies951928764
>Pension Funds897725417
>Other Financial Intermediaries1,0221,1201,496
Non Financial CompaniesN/AN/A775
2. Rest of world63,39259,26065,53474,24067,077
Rest of world as % of total72.2%53.4%56.3%59.4%55.4%
Total Outstanding Stock87,853111,007116,339125,086121,001

Source: Central Bank of Ireland.

* The 2013 IBRC Promissory Note repayment (non-cash settlement) resulted in €25bn of long-dated Government bonds being issued to the Central Bank of Ireland on liquidation of IBRC. This transaction results in a large increase in the share of resident holdings in March 2013. Rounding can affect totals.