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Exchequer Funding Needs and Sources

Opening (End-2017) Exchequer Cash & Other Liquid Assets Balance1 (A) 10.5
2018 Funding Requirements
Exchequer Borrowing Requirement (EBR) -1.5
Bond Maturities -8.9
Bond buy-backs/switching Q1 2018 -2.0
Other 2 -3.3
TOTAL (B) -15.7
2018 Funding Sources
Government Bonds3 16.0
Other4 2.2
TOTAL (C) 18.2
Projected Closing (End-2018) Exchequer Cash & Other Liquid Assets Balance1 (A+B+C) 13.0

Figures are estimates, as of April 2018.
Rounding may affect totals.


1. Excludes non-liquid financial asset classes such as Housing Finance Agency (HFA) Guaranteed Notes and CSA Collateral Funding.

2. Includes general contingencies, and provision for potential further bond buy-backs/switching.

3. In its 2018 Funding Statement, the NTMA announced plans to issue €14 – €18bn of Government bonds in 2018; €16bn is used as an indicative amount in this presentation.

4. Includes net State Savings (Retail), net short-term paper and other Medium/Long-Term funding.