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Key Economic Indicators

Consumer spending (% chg vol)
Government spending (% chg vol)
Investment (% chg vol)18.132.745.5-
Exports (% chg vol)14.434.
Imports (% chg vol)15.321.710.3-
GDP (% chg vol)8.526.
GNP (% chg vol)
Nominal GDP (€€bn)194.5262.0275.6280.6294.7308.2321.6
Employment (% chg)
Unemployment rate (% labour force)
HICP (% chg yoy)0.30.0-
GDP Deflator (% chg yoy)-1.24.9-
Current Account Balance (% GDP)1.610.24.710.910.49.89.4
General Government Balance (€bn)-7.2-4.8-1.5-1.2-
General Government Balance (% GDP)-3.7-1.9-0.6-0.4-
Primary Government Balance (% GDP)
General Government Debt (€bn)203.3201.1200.6204.6209.8214.1209.7
General Government Debt (% GDP)104.576.872.872.971.269.565.2
Average interest rate on stock of GG debt3.

Source: CSO, Forecasts Department of Finance (SPU 2017, April 2017).