National Debt of Ireland

Notes to Financial Statements

  1. Background
  2. Basis of Preperation
  3. Interest Paid
  4. Interest Received and Other Income
  5. Capital Services Redemption Account
  6. Fees Paid and Operating Expenses
  7. Irish Government Bonds
  8. EU/IMF Programme Funding
  9. Other Medium/Long Term Loans
  10. Short Term Paper
  11. Borrowings from Ministerial Funds
  12. State Savings Schemes
  13. Cash and Other Financial Assets
  14. Risk Management
  15. Derivatives
  16. National Loans Advance Interest Account
  17. National Loans (Winding Up) Account
  18. National Treasury Management Agency (Unclaimed Dividends) Account
  19. Deposit Monies Investment Account
  20. Account of Stock Accepted in Payment of Inheritance Tax and Death Duties
  21. Events after the end of the reporting period
  22. Approval of Financial Statements