Corporate Strategy

One of the purposes of the new, simplified NTMA governance structure is to facilitate a more integrated approach to the execution of the NTMA’s business mandates. In support of this objective, the NTMA has developed an over-arching Corporate Strategy 2016-2018 to support its business units in the fulfilment of their mandates.

The corporate strategy is based on identifying the common goals critical to the achievement of the NTMA’s business objectives. It commits the organisation to four strategic goals. These goals are about achieving long-term value for the State by being adaptive and leveraging the power of the NTMA’s people and reputation.

Our Purpose

To manage public assets and liabilities commercially and prudently

We deliver value for the State today by focusing our skills, resources and efforts on fulfilling our mandates as currently assigned by Government.

We will also deliver value for the State by ensuring we have the right capabilities to respond to future challenges as they arise. Recognising that change is inevitable and being adaptive allows us to respond quickly and decisively.


The primary goal of the NTMA is to deliver long-term value to the State. The three supporting goals – maintaining and enhancing our reputation, developing our capabilities as an adaptive organisation, and enabling our people to reach their potential - will enable delivery of long-term value while building sustainable business performance. The NTMA has adopted a rolling three-year plan and performance measures, integrated into its annual planning process, to facilitate this long-term focus.

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