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"Managing public assets and liabilities commercially and prudently”

The National Treasury Management Agency provides a range of asset and liability management services to Government. These services include borrowing on behalf of the Government and management of the National Debt, the State Claims Agency, NewERA, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund and the National Development Finance Agency. It also assigns staff and provides business and support services and systems to the National Asset Management Agency, the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland and Home Building Finance Ireland.

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Funding and Debt Management

The NTMA is responsible for borrowing on behalf of the Government and managing the National Debt.

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Acting as NewERA, the NTMA provides a dedicated centre of corporate finance expertise to Government taking a commercial approach to the oversight of certain State companies.

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National Development Finance Agency

Acting as the NDFA, the NTMA is the statutory financial adviser to State authorities on public investment projects. It also procures and delivers PPP projects.

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State Claims Agency

Acting as the State Claims Agency, the NTMA manages certain claims against the State and assists State authorities in minimising their claim exposures.

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Ireland Strategic Investment Fund

The NTMA controls and manages the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, which invests on a commercial basis in a manner designed to support economic growth and employment in Ireland.

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National Asset Management Agency

The NTMA provides staff and business support services to NAMA.