Protected Disclosures

Section 22 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014, as amended, requires the submission of certain information to the Minister and the publication of a report each year.

The NTMA operates a Protected Disclosures Policy (“Policy”), which is reviewed and approved annually by the NTMA Audit and Risk Committee (“ARC”), most recently in May 2023. The Policy is published on our website.

The Policy and related procedures, promote principles of good corporate governance by providing a mechanism for the reporting and addressing of concerns about possible relevant wrongdoing within the meaning of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014, as amended. The NTMA confirms that its Policy applies to all NTMA “workers” and makes provision for disclosure of relevant information either through internal reporting channels and procedures (through a line manager or the NTMA’s Head of Compliance) or external reporting channels and procedures (by means of a “Nominated Person” (as set out in the Policy)).

The NTMA Head of Compliance and the Nominated Person (where so advised) are then required to report to the Chairperson of the ARC. The ARC is responsible for (i) the ownership of the Policy, insofar as it relates to the functions of NTMA, (ii) oversight of its implementation with regard to these functions and (iii) oversight of investigations to include liaison with the NTMA Head of Compliance to ensure any reports received are properly evaluated and investigated.

The NTMA further confirms it has, as required, reported the following information to the Minister in respect of (i) reports received internally (PDA 1) and (ii) reports received by it from the Office of the Protected Disclosures Commissioner (PDA 2).