Mission and Values

The NTMA has formulated a mission statement to encapsulate the central purpose of the organisation across its business areas and a set of core values to guide our behaviour and decision-making.

Mission Statement

To manage public assets and liabilities commercially and prudently on behalf of the State and its citizens.


National Interest

  • The long-term interest of Ireland's citizens is always at the centre of our deliberations and decisions. We are continuously learning and reflecting on our pursuit of individual and collective excellence in order to achieve the best results.

Thank You

  • We recognise the contribution of everyone's role in creating successful outcomes. We say 'thank you' a lot.

Model Behaviour

  • It's not only what we say but what we do that counts. We act as role models both internally and externally empowering and supporting each other, exhibiting honesty and humility.

Awareness of Self and Others

  • We embrace diversity of background and opinion. We believe that challenge and openness to different views leads to better resuIts. We strive to be a trusted group of colleagues who work hard for each other and for the country.