ELG (inc. IBRC)

About the Scheme

The Credit Institutions (Eligible Liabilities Guarantee) Scheme 2009 (the “ELG Scheme”) was made pursuant to Section 6(4) of the Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Act 2008 and came into effect on 9 December 2009. The ELG Scheme provided for an unconditional and irrevocable State guarantee for certain eligible liabilities (including deposits) of up to five years in maturity incurred by participating institutions from the date they joined the scheme until the closure of the Scheme on certain terms and conditions. Each participating institution was bound by the Rules of the ELG Scheme (417 KB, PDF format). The NTMA was appointed by the Minister for Finance as the ELG Scheme Operator.

As of the 29th March 2018 there are no remaining liabilities guaranteed under the ELG Scheme, with the exception of those resultant from the liquidation of IBRC.


Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Eligible Liabilities Guarantee (ELG) Scheme and the liquidation of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC). You can also download a claim form for the repayment of deposits that are guaranteed under the ELG Scheme.

ELG Scheme Helpline

If your query is not addressed below, please phone the NTMA on +353 (0)1 238 4000 or email your query to info@ntma.ie.

If your query concerns the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, which covers eligible deposits up to a limit of €100,000 per person, please contact the Central Bank of Ireland on 1890 777 777 or info@depositguarantee.ie.

IBRC customers who have queries regarding their deposits can contact IBRC at SMUOperations@ibrc.ie

Claim Forms

The claim form and guidance for depositors (current accounts and deposit accounts) is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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