NTMA Announces Issue of new Irish Amortising Bonds

23 August 2012 - The NTMA has announced details of the issuance of Irish Amortising Bonds. The NTMA has opened a formal sale process for five new Irish Amortising Bonds this morning with maturity dates ranging from 15 years to 35 years. The issuance will take place by way of tap and will be open only to recognised Primary Dealers in Irish Government bonds. Orders may be placed between 10am and 1pm today, subject to the NTMA's right to close the tap at any time.

This is the first occasion on which the NTMA has offered Irish Amortising Bonds to the market and represents a further step in the diversification of Ireland's sovereign funding. The NTMA expects to announce the result of the issuance by 2pm.

Irish Amortising Bonds Issuance Terms

The details of the new amortising bonds available and their Offer Prices are as follows:

Bond Title ISIN Code Maturity Date Offer Price / Yield Link to Offering Circular
5.72% Amortising Bond
20 July 2027
IE00B7XWNN51 20 Jul 2027 100.02 / 5.72% Offering Circular
5.82% Amortising Bond
20 March 2032
IE00B7Z55X64 20 Mar 2032 100.04 / 5.82% Offering Circular
5.92% Amortising Bond
20 January 2037
IE00B8JXZJ91 20 Jan 2037 100.04 / 5.92% Offering Circular
5.92% Amortising Bond
20 May 2042
IE00B8JYSW68 20 May 2042 100.04 / 5.92% Offering Circular
5.92% Amortising Bond
20 September 2047
IE00B86ST629 20 Sep 2047 100.00 / 5.92% Offering Circular

The first settlement date for each Irish Amortising Bond will be 20 September 2012.

Further information on Irish Amortising Bonds is available in the Irish Amortising Bonds Information Memorandum.

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