NTMA Launches 4-Year National Solidarity Bond

1 February 2011 – The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has announced that the new 4-year National Solidarity Bond is now available for purchase in all Post Offices.

The bond, designed with individual savers in mind, will pay a gross return over 4 years of 15% (AER* 3.56%). The net return after DIRT** is 13.92% (AER 3.31%).

Like its 10-year counterpart, which was launched last year, there are no fees, charges or sales commissions and savers can have their money back at any time. All money invested in the National Solidarity Bond is placed directly with the State under the management of the NTMA.

The new bond complements the 10-year National Solidarity Bond which has proven a success with savers since its launch in May 2010. To date, some €375 million has been invested in the 10-year bond by 18,000 customers – an average daily investment of approximately €2 million.

For more information on the National Solidarity Bond and on the full range of NTMA State Savings products:

* AER = Annual Equivalent Rate

** DIRT = Deposit Interest Retention Tax (27% in January 2011)