NTMA to resume bond auctions

10 March 2014 – The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) announces that it will hold a bond auction on Thursday, 13 March, the first such auction since 21 September 2010.

Speaking today, NTMA Chief Executive John Corrigan said:  “The resumption of scheduled bond auctions builds on the phased re-entry to the capital markets achieved by the NTMA over the past two years and marks the full normalisation of Ireland’s presence in the markets.”

The details of the bond auction on 13 March are as follows:

  • Bond to be auctioned:   3.40% Treasury Bond 2024
  • Auction size:   €1,000 million
  • Auction opens:   8:00 am
  • Auction closes:   10:00 am
  • Settlement Date: 18 March 2014

The auction will be conducted on the Bloomberg Auction System and will be confined to recognised primary dealers.

A non-competitive auction for 15 per cent of the amount sold in the competitive auction will immediately follow and will close at 10:00 am on Friday 14 March.

Please see the NTMA’s website www.ntma.ie for further details of the Primary Dealer System and bond issuance arrangements.