Agency Committees

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee makes decisions about the acquisition and disposal of assets of the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund within such parameters as may be set by the Agency, advises the Agency on the investment strategy for the Fund and oversees the implementation of the investment strategy.

Committee members:

Susan Webb, Chairperson (Agency member)

Gerardine Jones (Agency member)

Richard Leonard (external member)
Company Director and former Partner of Grant Thornton Ireland

Mark Ryan (external member)
Company Director and former Managing Director of Accenture Ireland

Julie Sinnamon (external member)
CEO of Enterprise Ireland

Investment Committee Terms of Reference  (293.9 KB)

Audit and Risk Committee  

Committee members:

Martin Murphy, Chairperson

Mary Walsh 

Susan Webb

Audit And Risk Committee Terms Of Reference  (322.8 KB)

Remuneration Committee

Committee members:

Maeve Carton

Martin Murphy

Robert Watt

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference (290.0 KB)

State Claims Agency Strategy Committee

Committee members:

Mary Walsh, Chairperson (Agency member)

Derek Moran (Agency member)

Ciaran Breen (Director, SCA)

Sabaratnam Arulkumaran (external member)

Tom Beegan (external member)

Donogh Crowley (external member)

David Moloney (external member)

State Claims Agency Strategy Committee Terms of Reference (225.5 KB)